Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is the first line of defense for most locations. POLAR AFPRO SECURITY. has extensive experience of conducting security reviews and advising on physical security measures at locations all over Israel and Nigeria.
Not only do we advise on the best options for securing your locations, but POLAR AFPRO SECURITY. also provide perimeter security solutions in terms of procurement, project management and installation services.

Perimeter fencing

Perimeter fence security including industrial and commercial sites, agricultural properties and other situations where visual patrol of the entire perimeter is difficult. POLAR AFPRO SECURITY. supply & install
specialized secure fencing that is designed to offer the highest levels of perimeter security, including palisade fencing and anti-terrorism fencing.

High Security Fencing

POLAR AFPRO SECURITY. are at the forefront of advising
and supplying anti-terrorist perimeter fencing solutions to protect vulnerable areas. All of the we recommend have undergone rigorous high impact testing to ensure their effectiveness as anti-terrorist deliverables.

High Security Fencing Solutions:

• Class 2/3 welded mesh fencing
• Anti-intruder chain link fencing
• Electric fencing
• Alarm fencing
• Anti-Terrorist Perimeter Fencing
• Intruder Detection Systems
& maximum prison security fencing

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