Intrusion Detection

Smoke Generator System:
A smoke generator is installed inside the facility, in strategic locations or where important valuables are stored. Once an intrusion is detected, thick but harmless smoke is released into the room masking it and preventing the intruder from seeing or moving valuable goods or equipment.
This incredibly effective security fogging system solution, provides one more thick layer to your property protection, and helps not only minimizing the outcome of a variety of criminal threats or intrusion incidents, but also help to uphold or detain the intruder till law enforcement arrives.
Once an attack is detected, the system fills the protected area with smoke that confuses and debilitates the intruders and therefor helps to

Panic Alarm System:
A panic alarm system is an electronic device designed to provide an effective alert in emergency situations where a threat to people or property arises.
Panic Alarm System could be remotely transmitting or locally connected to a monitoring center through a silent alarm or an audible bell/siren. The alarm could be used to request emergency assistance from local or private security team, law enforcement agencies, police or emergency services, with respect to your choice and requirements.
It could also be used to allow extra care for your aged or younger family members (when needed), allowing you grater peace of mind, knowing they have the ability to set up emergency communication in crises situations.
This security solution allows the owner to reduce emergency reediness operating costs, while still maintaining a safe environment and good response time.