Control – Ops control & alarm monitoring

In the early days, general perception of the term control room was for NASA, Mission control Space programs, or Military command centers. A control center is one of the most important and complex working environment in any organization whether government or enterprise.

Polar Afpro Security. specializes in creating and implementation Central Control Rooms which would satisfy Human factors and Ergonomics.
At present, Polar Afpro Ltd. and its affiliates has designed and implemented central control rooms in Transportation, Traffic management, Manufacturing, oil and gas, energy power generation, surveillance and security.
Polar Afpro Security  is providing integrated solutions for control rooms which is ideal for 24/7 mission critical surveillance applications. Consisting of high-quality displays, rear-projection video walls, graphic controllers and web-based operating software, operators get a complete overview of all surveillance systems and cameras. Operations management software including advanced warning capabilities designed to facilitate decision-making, draws operators’ attention to the most critical images. Polar’s networked solutions distribute video and data over the standard IP network to provide you with accurate and real-time information, no matter where you are.